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So, the world cup fever is over, what next?

For Andres Iniesta, the player and national hero that scored Spain’s winning goal, it will mean making a pilgrimage and walking the Way of St. James of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

This started out months ago when a Spanish newspaper sent envelopes to the Spanish football team, asking them to make a promise of something they would do if Spain won the world cup!

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What a fantastic Catholic role model for young Catholics all over the world!

 Last week, Archbishop Vincent Nichols was interviewed on the BBC’s notoriously ruthless “Hard Talk”.

He covered a range of current topics in the news including the Papal Visit, the scandals in the church, Pope Benedict’s recent remarks on the use of condoms in Africa and celibacy in the Church.

On new convert Tony Blair’s calls for modernisation in the Catholic Church, his Grace responded; when it comes to guidance on the Church, I think I’ll stick with Pope Benedict rather than Tony Blair!

Given the hard-nosed approach to interviewing that the BBC programme is famous for, I feel Archbishop Vincent gave a sound and well balanced interview. What do you think?

See the interview on BBC iPlayer  for yourself!


We don’t hear much about “celebrity catholics”, that is, celebrities who are Catholics in the media, so I decided to keep an eye out and lo and behold…

Lovely Declan Donnelly, of Ant and Dec fame (AKA PJ and Duncan from Byker Grove) is from an Irish Catholic family. His brother, Dermot, is a priest who works with the young people of the Hexam Diocese.

Ant and Dec have opened this state of the art youth village, after helping make the dream a reality. Isn’t that great?!

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Click here to visit the Youth Village website.


 150 young Catholic adults and 200 religious, 3 Masses by 3 Archbishops in 3 days, a plethora of exciting and thought provoking workshops…

That was Invocation 2010. The first event of its kind where the seminary in the Birmingham Archdiocese, Oscott College, threw open its gates to welcome young Catholic adults, from all over the UK and beyond, who were somewhere along the path of discernment. 

300 was the perfect number of people to squeeze into the beautiful chapel at Oscott for Mass, Midnight Rosary, Vespers, Adoration, Lauds and Compile for communal prayer. 

Although the event was centered around vocations, it certainly wasn’t a recruitment drive – where would that leave the future of the Catholic church? 

Instead, young adults chose from a wide selection of workshops ranging from Priesthood and Discernment, to Chatechism and an art workshop. 

Keynote talks were also given by noteable Catholics from the UK including the leader of the Catholic Church in the UK, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Abbot Christopher Jamison and Sr Gabriel Davison from the Poor Claires community. Each speaker spoke honestly and from the heart about their own vocation in life. It truly touched my heart. 

I have often wondered where our future leaders of the Chuch and religious are… and what kind of people they will be. Invocation 2010 gave me hope for a bright future. 

Invocation 2011, anyone?!

I decided to start writing this blog, initially for selfish reasons; to combine my passion for my faith with my love for web 2.0.

At a time where Catholics are being persecuted for their faith by the media, friends, colleagues and strangers, some Catholics may find it easier to keep schtum about their faith, or may even find it to be the final nail in the coffin of their devotion to God.

However, the man upstairs is worth singing and dancing about, discovering and loving, especially during these challenging times. That is what this blog is all about.