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I was really lucky to be able to be at several Papal events. My heart is still warm from the incredible experiences of greeting the Pope after Mass in Westminster as part of the youth contingent, praying with the Holy Father during the vigil in Hyde Park and celebrating Mass on Sunday with him on my home patch! I’m still fairly speechless, however check out the video

Pope Benedict has taken time out to record a message for the people of Britain, a week before his arrival. In his message, he tells us how he is looking forward to visiting, and thanks all people who are helping to prepare for the visit, especially those who are praying for his visit. He tells of the joy it will be for him to beatify a great Englishman, John Henry Newman, how he is looking forward to meeting various groups of people and that he regrets he cannot meet everyone. He ends by telling the people of the United Kingdom we are in his prayers. Wow!

Happy Birthday Mary!

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Feast Days

The Lady who is considered to be the greatest of all the saints… Indeed the Church’s calender observes only two birthdays; Mary’s (today) and St John the Baptist (24 June). According to tradition, the house where Mary was born to her parents, Anna and Joachim, is the same house where the angel appeared to Mary at the Annunciation. Thank you for saying yes, Mary, and Happy Birthday!

St Gregory the Great

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Feast Days, Video

St Gregory the Great – known as the Pope and Doctor of our church,  is one of the four great doctors of the Latin church. Born in 540, he built seven monasteries in Sicily, the last one being the one where he himself assumed the monastic habit and embraced the Benedictine lifestyle in 575.

He was elected Pope unanimously, where he was leader in challenging times- similar to what the Church is going through now. Watch the video at the bottom of the post to find out more.

He is well-known for his writings, and for sending St Augustine to Canterbury to evangelize England. Above all, he is celebrated for his magnificent contributions to the Liturgy of the Mass and Office. Today, he is the patron saint of teachers.