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How are your Christmas preparations coming along? I read somewhere before advent this year a suggestion to not spend more than two days on Christmas shopping. I set myself that microchallenge thinking it would be easy, thanks to online shopping. However I find even with that I have gone over the two days!

I great online reminder of the reason for the season is Busted Halo’s digital advent calender, complete with short daily jolts and reflections, which help prepare us for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Various celebrities, politicians and singers provide a thought on waiting and patience, as we prepare a way for the Lord (Isaiah 40:3).

As an example, here is a clip from the first day- Zac Effron and Elmo teaching us about, and demonstrating patience!


Check out Busted Halo’s digital advent calender for yourself! Add it to your favourites, tweet and tell your friends and family about it, helping them too to make a straight highway for our God accross the desert.


Busted Halo advent calender

Busted Halo advent calender

Angus T Jones, a lead actor in what has been called by the New York Times as “the biggest hit comedy of the last decade”, has hit out at the show, Two and a Half Men. The raunchy comedy conflicts with his Christian beliefs.

Jones, 19, has starred in the show since he was 10 years old and now earns over £200,000 per episode, making him the highest paid teen actor. However, he says the show is incompatible with his Christian beliefs, labelling the show as “filth”, and has asked viewers to stop watching it. He urges viewers to research the effects of TV on the brain and promises viewers they will have a decision to make.

It can be easy to put the television on after a long day, or have it on as ‘background noise’, without considering what exactly we are feeding our minds with. I recently heard the question asked- have you spent as much time with God today as you have in front of the TV? This is a good question to ask ourselves daily. Instead of watching a 30 minute episode of Two and a Half Men and feeding your minds with rubbish, you could spend 30 minutes reading the Gospel and be inspired by the word of God.

Jones can be seen making these comments in the video below, starting at 07:44.


Did anyone else see The Simpsons on Channel 4 tonight? The episode was entitled Father, Son and Holy Guest Star and involved Bart being sent to a Catholic school, St Jerome’s, where he begins his conversion to Catholicism, taking Homer with him!

Father Sean (Liam Neeson) makes Catholicism “cool” to Bart by quoting Eminem and showing him a graphic novel about the saints.

Homer also decides to convert to Catholicism after a marathon session in the confessional booth, leaving Marge worried that she will be in Protestant heaven alone.

Maybe some Catholics could find offence with small elements of the episode (perhaps the family planning leaflet Homer passes Marge entitled Plop til you drop, stereotypes, blanket-tossing Jesus… but he seemed to be having fun and Catholic heaven looked far more fun than Protestant heaven, where they are playing croquet !). 

However overall, I found it to be a positive portrayal of our religion; Bart praying the rosary (and offering to pray it with his Mum), Bart announcing “Catholics Rock!”, his Latin at dinner “In nomine Patris…”. In favour of ecumenism, Bart notes that it is stupid that all the different forms of Christianity are feuding.

On the whole, the episode showed Catholicism in a positive light, which was a nice surprise on prime-time UK TV! It was a well-written episode with plenty of humor. Apparently, some of the writers on the show are Catholic, so here’s hoping for a few more episode’s like this!

 Updated 25/12/2010

Perhaps you remember his as Marky Mark, or saw him featured with Kate Moss advertising Calvin Klein in the 1990s? Or perhaps you saw the movie Boogie Nights, Perfect Storm or The Italian Job? Today, he is the producer on US hit TV series, Entourage. A Hollywood star with a shady past, he has in recent times been open about his Catholic faith.

In August last year, he married his sweetheart in a private Catholic wedding ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. Their youngest child is named after St. Brendan (the Bold or the Navigator).

“Being a Catholic is the most important part of my life” he said in an interview with the Catholic Herald. Speaking recently in the New York Post, he described himself as above all a devout Roman Catholic, a devout husband and a devout father; “The first thing I do every day when I leave my house,” he says, “I go to church, man, get down on my knees.” Even when his children complain it takes too long, Mark says: “It’s only 10 minutes and this is something I really need to do. Because I do. If I can start my day out by saying my prayers and getting myself focused, then I know I’m doing the right thing. That 10 minutes helps me in every way throughout the day”.

The National Enquirer reported; “The 38-year-old reformed bad boy relies on his closest confidante and longtime religious mentor, the Rev. James Flavin, to help him pick and choose his parts. ‘Mark is a practicing Catholic, and he never makes a final decision on a starring role until Father Flavin gives his OK,’ an insider revealed to The Enquirer.

 ‘Mark says he owes his career to Father Flavin. ‘Father Flavin pushes Mark to honor his religious roots,’ said the source. ‘Even though Mark was offered one of the leads in Brokeback Mountain, he passed because of the gay subject matter, which clashes with Catholic doctrine.’
However, critics in the media and on the blogosphere have attacked him for having double standards after playing a cocaine and meth-addicted hustler in Boogie Nights…
Give the man a break! Everyone has made mistakes in their pasts, some more public than others for sure! Is a man not allowed to discover his faith? As, surley the Mark Wahlberg who played the unsavory character Dirk in Boogie Nights, is not the same Mark Wahlberg who took his girlfriend (now wife) to chuch on their first date! He told Cosmopolitan UK; “We met through a mutual friend in New York. I asked if she wanted to hang out the next day and she did, so I said, ‘Well, come to church with me.’ She was raised a Christian, not a Catholic like me. She did come – and now she’s converted.”
Looking back, Mark reflects: “But, of course, once you get into trouble, you start praying! ‘Oh, my God, just get me out of here, and I swear I’ll never do it again!’ Well, I did get out of jail, and I did make sure I never went back there. The recidivism rate for people going back for jail sentences is through the roof, but not me. I did not want to be another statistic. I wanted to live my life instead… I want to serve God and to be a good human being and to make up for the mistakes I made and the pain I put people through. That’s what I’m praying for, and I recommend it to anybody.”
Its great to hear celebrities speaking out about Catholicism. Here’s hoping  (and praying) we hear more…