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During the Evangelium 2010 week-end, a speaker who really left an impression on me was Roy Schoeman.  Hosting the second conference, he began with his witness testimony and went on to talk about the role of Jews in Salvation History. His testimony was heartfelt and honest; a Jew whose parents’ escaped Nazi Germany and fled to the States, lost his faith when he went to study at MIT and went on to Harvard Business School where his conversion story begins…

Below is a video clip of his testimony, filmed at another conference.

The third Evangelium Conference was held at the Reading Oratory this week-end. It was an amazing week-end with a myraid of amazing guest speakers from Italy to the United States.

It was my first time at the conference and I was blown away by the richness of the event; the speakers, the workshops, the worship and not to mention, the food and beauriful location!

Here is my Evangelium 2010 Top 10:

1. Roy Schoeman – The Jews, the Church and Salvation History

2. Fr Nicholas Schofield – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

3. Prof. Maria Fedoryka – John Paul II: The Human Person and Love

4. Joanna Bogle – Understanding Pope Benedict XVI – His Life and Message

5. Film: Arise Once More – Reviving Catholic Britain

6. Jack Valero – Catholic Voices

7.  The Latin song practice!

8. Steven Ray – an American Baptist convert

9. The new Catholic friends I have made

10. The music in the Black Room on Saturday night!

The conference was so intense, I look forward to unpacking the information and new ideas that I absorbed over the next few weeks! Watch this space!