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Several years ago, a priest suggested to me and a few other young adults that we go into Birmingham on a Saturday afternoon, and ask people if they knew about Jesus Christ. It sounded terrifying. I thought the priest was being mischevieous, testing us, and, if I was to do it, would only do so with suitable protection, like a stab proof vest! Approach strangers? Stop them in the street? Tell them about Christ? Surely, I thought, there must be some easier way to evangelize…

Nightfever at St Teresa's Carmelite Church, Clarendon Street, Dublin

Ireland’s first Nightfever, St Teresa’s Carmelite Church, Clarendon Street, Dublin

Yesterday, I found myself standing at the top of Grafton Street, a busy shopping and tourist area in the heart of Dublin, wearing a high-vis jacket greeting passers by and offering them a candle.

The reason for this was Nightfever. An idea born out of World Youth Day 2005, it is an ‘open church’ night. Young missionaries go out in in pairs, as Jesus sent the disciples, offering candles to passers-by, inviting them to light the candle inside the church.

Walking down Grafton Street last night, Dubliners and tourists would have heard the tunes from buskers as they ended a day’s shopping, or began a night out. However, when passing St Teresa’s Church, Clarendon Street, they would have heard beautiful hymns, pouring out of the church onto the street.

Inside, the beauty of the church was illuminated by candlelight, from the hundreds of votive lights placed around the altar. Priests were available for people who had questions, wanted to talk, or go to Confession. People flowed in from the streets to light their candles, hear the music, sit, kneel, think, look, talk, pray… For some, it had been a while since they visited a Catholic church, for others, it was their first visit.

Whether the visitors stayed for a few minutes, a half hour, or the whole evening. Some passers by accepted the candles offered by the missionaries and went on their way. Others simply said “no thank you” and walked on. But even these may remember the warm and welcoming smile of a stranger on a Saturday night. Seeds were planted last night. We pray that the Holy Spirit may nurture these seeds and pour out upon them His inspiration, grace and love.

The next Nightfever in Dublin will take place on 20th June. To get a flavour of the mission, take a look at the video below…

A woman should be so lost in God a man needs Him to find her

A woman’s heart should be so lost in God a man must seek Him to find her


No doubt about it, chastity is a challenge, especially in this day and age where preserving the dignity of the human being, made in the image and likeness of God, seems to be an ‘odd’ thing to strive for… Unfortunately  many young people make bad decisions based on what society and culture is telling them is the right thing to do ‘because every one is doing it’.

On my own journey, someone once told me a woman’s heart should be so lost in God a man must seek Him to find her… I am not sure who originally said this but it inspired me on my journey to marriage.

For the current generation of teens and young adults, Leah Darrow (former contestant on America’s Next Top Model) is an exceptional role model. In the video below, she has an encouraging message to young men…


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With less than a week to go to the Youth 2000 festival, the countdown can begin!

Youth 2000 have published the programme for the week-end and its looking great, with talks being given by Fr. Stan Fortuna and Fr. Christopher Jamison as well as a choice of workshops on themes such as discernment, men and women of God, faith and relationships and John Henry Newman.

Worried about camping? Don’t – the weather’s gonna be fine. Visit the blog for more information.

Brother Roger, 12 May 1915 - 16 August 2005

Five years ago today Brother Roger, the founder and prior of the Taizé Community, France, tragically died.     

Described by Pope Benedict XVI as a tireless witness to peace and reconciliation, Br Roger was devoted to reconciling the Christian churches. In the early days of the community, Br Roger hid Jews from the Nazis during World War II. From the 1950s, Taizé grew both in terms of brothers joining the community and visitors it received, particularly young adultswho would typically stay for a week to share in the community’s simple life and prayer. Today, thousands of young adults from across the world visit Taizé each week. 

Brother Roger wrote many books, including some together with Mother Teresa. He also had an audience with Pope John Paul II each year and, despite being Protestant, received Holy Communion from him. In 1988 Br Roger was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

At his funeral his successor, Br Alois, prayed for forgiveness for the woman who had taken Br Roger’s life; With Christ on the cross we say to you, Father, forgive her, she does not know what she did. Br Roger’s favourite chat was sung during the ceremony, Mon âme se repose en paix sur Dieu seul (In God alone, my soul rests in peace). Listen to it below.

 To commemorate his life and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Taizé community, excerpts of previously unseen video footage of Brother Roger are being released.

 Thank you, Brother Roger, for all you have given us. May you Rest In Peace.

The third Evangelium Conference was held at the Reading Oratory this week-end. It was an amazing week-end with a myraid of amazing guest speakers from Italy to the United States.

It was my first time at the conference and I was blown away by the richness of the event; the speakers, the workshops, the worship and not to mention, the food and beauriful location!

Here is my Evangelium 2010 Top 10:

1. Roy Schoeman – The Jews, the Church and Salvation History

2. Fr Nicholas Schofield – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

3. Prof. Maria Fedoryka – John Paul II: The Human Person and Love

4. Joanna Bogle – Understanding Pope Benedict XVI – His Life and Message

5. Film: Arise Once More – Reviving Catholic Britain

6. Jack Valero – Catholic Voices

7.  The Latin song practice!

8. Steven Ray – an American Baptist convert

9. The new Catholic friends I have made

10. The music in the Black Room on Saturday night!

The conference was so intense, I look forward to unpacking the information and new ideas that I absorbed over the next few weeks! Watch this space!


 150 young Catholic adults and 200 religious, 3 Masses by 3 Archbishops in 3 days, a plethora of exciting and thought provoking workshops…

That was Invocation 2010. The first event of its kind where the seminary in the Birmingham Archdiocese, Oscott College, threw open its gates to welcome young Catholic adults, from all over the UK and beyond, who were somewhere along the path of discernment. 

300 was the perfect number of people to squeeze into the beautiful chapel at Oscott for Mass, Midnight Rosary, Vespers, Adoration, Lauds and Compile for communal prayer. 

Although the event was centered around vocations, it certainly wasn’t a recruitment drive – where would that leave the future of the Catholic church? 

Instead, young adults chose from a wide selection of workshops ranging from Priesthood and Discernment, to Chatechism and an art workshop. 

Keynote talks were also given by noteable Catholics from the UK including the leader of the Catholic Church in the UK, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Abbot Christopher Jamison and Sr Gabriel Davison from the Poor Claires community. Each speaker spoke honestly and from the heart about their own vocation in life. It truly touched my heart. 

I have often wondered where our future leaders of the Chuch and religious are… and what kind of people they will be. Invocation 2010 gave me hope for a bright future. 

Invocation 2011, anyone?!